Buy Steroids

It’s time to buy steroids and when it comes to purchasing quality safe gear you’re not sure where to buy steroids from. It’s one of the most common questions in gyms around the world “where do I buy steroids…who do I buy steroids from?” In truth, you have many options but there are only a few places you should ever buy steroids from.

When it comes time to buy steroids these are your options:

These are the most common options you have but keep in mind only one of them carries absolute certainty. An important note, the laws of the land in-which you live will greatly affect where you or from who you buy steroids and if you possess even the slightest bit of wisdom you’ll want to follow whatever that particular law is.

The Gym Dealer

If you buy steroids from a gym dealer in most cases you will be breaking the law. In most countries buying steroids from a random individual is prohibited; not all but most. Just as important, when you buy steroids from a gym dealer you can never be 100% certain as to the quality of your gear. True, some gym dealers carry human grade steroids but most dabble in the world of underground lab gear.

The Internet Dealer

If you choose to buy steroids from an internet dealer the same restrictions as they pertain to the law apply here as they do with buying from a gym dealer. However, if it is illegal to buy steroids in your country from a “Dealer” and you order steroids off the internet there is a chance you’ll be breaking more than simple purchasing laws if you’re anabolic steroids are shipped from an outside country.

Nevertheless, if you buy steroids from an internet dealer you have more options than say with the local gym guy. Many internet dealers carry human grade steroids, the same ones sold at the pharmacy. Most carry their own underground version as well and there are some good underground brands available but only a few. Most underground steroids are of a poorer quality compared to their human grade counterpart.

The Pharmacy

Depending on the country in-which you live, the ease of buying from a pharmacy will vary, however, if you buy steroids from a pharmacy you can always rest assured you’re getting the most bang for your buck. In some countries it is 100% legal to walk right into the pharmacy, ask for a bottle of testosterone enanthate and walk right out with a smile on your face. In other countries, such as the United States, to buy steroids from a pharmacy you first need a prescription from your doctor. Prescriptions are not the easiest to obtain if you are below the age of thirty due to the fact your natural testosterone levels are still relatively high but there are, as with all things in life exceptions.

The Bottom Line

When it comes time to buy steroids, choose human grade and buy from a pharmacy. You will always in this case receive top-shelf gear and eliminate such risk as infection or the risk of being ripped off. Internet dealers, although some are legitimate, are notorious for seeing poor saps coming a mile away and simply taking their money.